Japan and all the mystery that it represents… manga, its many shrines, the delicious food based on fish and rice (no rice tastes better than the one of Sakata, the tastiest rice I have tasted!), the great respect and omotenashi …

In 2019 I stayed two and a half months in the land of the rising sun, a month in Tokyo to follow a Japanese language course, followed by several travels.
Finding yourself a student again at the age of 38, to be surrounded by young people in their twenties who learn and hold back quickly, who have other concerns than finding a job and being financially self-sufficient… it was a great experience, finalized by a speech in Japanese to thank the teachers for their excellent teaching and motivation!

Breathtaking landscapes, chiseled mountains that can be distinguished from the top of the plane, caressed by the wind and the forces of nature…

And the sea is present throughout all the Japanese culture

Small and very practical houses. Gardens are very rare in Japan, given the lack of space. I tasted the delicious clementines from Asaka, on the suburbs of Tokyo. The neighbour took so much care of his beautiful garden.